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Discussion in 'Snapchat Stories' started by si ba, Jul 17, 2017.

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    CuraLin creative ways to be keep going and to stick with your routine you had slip-ups and setbacks but you've been able to get past CuraLin se snags ask yourself how ready am I to make a change in my health habits and consider your answer and circle CuraLin one that meant supplies to you knowing what stage you are in can help you choose CuraLin best strategies to move you through your own roadblocks this can be a personal process or you can discuss your readiness to change with y CuraLin our health coach and you can get input back on CuraLin posture CuraLin steps in CuraLin change process move you through your various stages of change all CuraLin way to CuraLin maintenance phase where you eiCuraLin r created a new habit and improved your health now think about how you manage your blood Sugar's and what you would like to change answer CuraLin question what is my goal and write this down in CuraLin yellow highlight choose one goal from CuraLin examples listed under CuraLin question and B going to work with that goal for CuraLin rest of this presentation here are CuraLin examples I would like to have an ac less than % I'd like to lose weight I'd like to learn how to count carbohydrates I would like to be



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